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How to Use OpenAI Custom GPT for Interview Preparation

Careerflow Team

In today's dynamic and competitive job market, effective interview preparation is important for aspiring candidates to stand out and secure coveted positions. The advent of technology has revolutionized the way individuals approach job interviews, offering innovative solutions to hone their skills and boost their confidence. One such groundbreaking tool is OpenAI Custom GPT, a powerful resource designed to elevate interview preparation to new heights.

Interviews are crucial in opening doors to professional opportunities as they offer employers valuable insights into a candidate's skills, knowledge, and ability to handle a specific job role. With the ever-evolving nature of interviews, technology has become an essential tool, enabling candidates to improve their answers, anticipate questions, and develop the confidence required to excel in high-pressure situations.

OpenAI Custom GPT is an advanced tool that uses natural language processing to simulate realistic interview scenarios, making it a game-changer in interview preparation. Unlike traditional methods, this cutting-edge tool offers a personalized and interactive experience that adapts to individual needs. With the help of machine learning, OpenAI Custom GPT provides tailored feedback, identifies areas for improvement, and allows users to rehearse responses in a simulated interview environment.

In today's world, where being adaptable and proficient in technology is highly valued, OpenAI Custom GPT is an invaluable companion for those looking to refine their interview skills. In this blog, let's explore the intricacies of interview preparation and the role of technology in this process.

Understanding OpenAI Custom GPTs

Developers can now change GPT-3 to work better for their own needs. They can train it on their own data to make a custom version of their app. Customizing helps GPT-3 work for more types of uses. It also makes the model cheaper and faster to run. You can use any size or type of existing data. Or you can add more data over time based on what users say.

Preparing for interviews can be a daunting task, but with the help of GPT-3, it can become a lot easier. By customizing your own GPT-3, you will be able to effortlessly prepare for all types of interviews. You can save a great deal of time and work in this way. Let's take a closer look at how it works and how it can be of benefit to you in your interview preparation.

How to Create Custom GPT for Interview Preparation?

Creating your personalized ChatGPT with OpenAI's GPT builder is a straightforward process. Follow these steps for a smooth experience:

  1. Log in to your Account

Visit and log in to your account if you already have one or create a new AI account.

📢 Note: Currently, only ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users can build a custom GPT.

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  1. Initiating GPT Creation
  • Open the sidebar and select "Explore."
  • Click on "Create a GPT" to start the customization process.
  • Where you will see a split screen, the Create panel is where you input your prompts to construct your chatbot, while the Preview panel lets you interact with your chatbot as you build it, making it easier to refine.
  • On the Create page, type your instructions in the message box. Engage in a conversation with the GPT builder until you achieve the desired results.

For Example:

Please assist me in creating a GPT builder that can generate an AI tutor to help job seekers prepare for [Your Domain] interviews.

  • While the builder is preparing, you can also tell what topics should be covered, whether it should include interviews, and the level of difficulty of the questions.
Creating a GPT Builder
  1. Advanced Customization
  • To add advanced customizations to your AI assistant, simply click on the "Configure" button.
  • Modify chatbot details such as its name, refine instructions, upload knowledge files, and set up actions for enhanced functionality.

For Example:

Name: Interview Preparation Guide

Description: To Prepare for Interviews

Instructions: This GPT will help me to prepare for all kinds of [Your Role] Interviews. It will guide me to the interview and help me prepare for technical rounds around [Your Topics] and Behavioral rounds.

Conversation Starters: Hey, I can act as an Interviewer.

Configuring Custom GPT
  1. Saving Your CPT
  • Once you are done with the changes, save your custom GPT by clicking "Save."
  • Choose how you want to share your custom GPT: Only me, Only people with a link, Public, or, if applicable, Anyone at [Your Company].
  • Confirm your choices.
  1. Sharing Your Custom GPT
  • If you want to share your chatbot, click on "Explore" in the sidebar.
  • Select the GPT you want to share and click the down caret (∨) next to its name.
  • Select "Copy link" and share it as needed.
  1. Editing and Deleting
  • To edit your custom chatbot, click "Explore" and then "Edit" next to the GPT you want to modify. Update your settings and confirm.
  • If you need to delete a custom GPT, click "Explore," then the More icon (...), and select "Delete GPT." Confirm the deletion in the window.
  1. Fine-Tuning with GPT Interaction
  • Continuously refine your prompts by interacting with the GPT in the Preview panel.
  • Test the chatbot in the Preview panel and use its responses to inform modifications.
  • Configuring Additional Settings:
  • Click on "Configure" to access advanced settings.
  • Modify details such as profile pictures, instructions, conversation starters, knowledge sources, capabilities, and actions.

Building a custom ChatGPT empowers you to tailor AI interactions to your specific needs, making it a valuable tool for diverse applications.

Using Custom GPT for Interview Preparation

Preparing for a job interview or college admissions interview can be daunting, but with OpenAI's Custom GPT, you can enhance your readiness and confidence. Let's explore how Custom GPT can help you in interview preparation.

✅ Tailored Interview Questions

Custom GPT can generate personalized interview questions based on your industry, role, and past experiences. This allows you to simulate real interview scenarios and prepare thoughtful responses.

✅ Diverse Scenarios

You can request a range of interview questions to cover different aspects, from technical skills to behavioral competencies. This diversity helps you adapt to various interview styles and expectations.

✅ Mock Interviews

Custom GPT can simulate interviewers asking questions and provide immediate feedback on your responses, helping you refine your answers and delivery.

✅ Adjustable Difficulty

You can gradually increase the difficulty level of the questions generated by Custom GPT to challenge yourself. This helps in building resilience and ensures you're prepared for a variety of interview scenarios.

✅ Feedback and Improvement

Custom GPT can analyze your responses and provide instant feedback. You can use this feedback to iteratively refine your responses, ensuring that you make progress and feel more confident in your ability to handle different interview situations.

✅ Industry-Specific Insights

Custom GPT can provide insights into current industry trends, common challenges, and emerging technologies. This information can help you stay informed and demonstrate your knowledge during interviews.

✅ Company Research

Custom GPT can generate information about the company you're interviewing with. This allows you to tailor your responses to align with the company's values, goals, and specific requirements.


In conclusion, harnessing the capabilities of OpenAI Custom GPT for interview preparation is a strategic and innovative approach that can significantly enhance your readiness for professional conversations.

Custom GPT's ability to provide personalized insights into industry trends, company specifics, and individualized feedback creates a dynamic and adaptive learning environment. This not only streamlines the preparation process but also ensures that you stay informed about the latest developments in your field, demonstrating your commitment to continuous learning.

As you integrate OpenAI Custom GPT into your interview preparation routine, the iterative nature of the learning process allows for continuous improvement. This not only enhances your ability to navigate challenging questions but also fosters a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas for growth.

In a competitive job market where effective communication and adaptability are crucial, using OpenAI Custom GPT for interview preparation can be a game-changer.

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