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Careerflow has been Selected for Techstars 2023

Careerflow Team

Around six months ago, the tech industry was hit by a wave of layoffs, with giants like Meta, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft letting go of thousands of employees. Additionally, the combination of hiring freezes and an economic downturn created a disheartening environment for job seekers 😢.

It was during this time that we decided to step in and support job seekers by leveraging AI. We recognized the need for innovative solutions to help job seekers navigate through job market challenges.

With this in mind, we embarked on a journey to build tools that support job seekers in their quest for employment. Our team worked tirelessly to create solutions that streamline the job search process, providing job seekers with the resources they need to succeed. And we have reached a noteworthy milestone on our journey.

Careerflow Selected For Techstars! Join us in Celebrating This Milestone.

Careerflow is now part of the Techstars family.

Careerflow has been selected for Techstars Accelerator Oakland Class of 2023, a highly selective global startup accelerator program. This is a huge accomplishment for our team 😃, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be chosen out of thousands of applicants. 

For those of you who may not know about Techstars, it is a world-renowned accelerator program that supports early-stage startups through mentorship, funding, and other valuable resources. Techstars was founded in 2006 and has since helped over 3,300 early-stage startups

This 3-month program is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors who will help us build a more sustainable and effective business. Techstars will give us access to an unparalleled network of mentors and resources. We will allocate these resources strategically, focusing on hiring top talent, investing in cutting-edge technologies, and expanding our product reach to a wider range of job seekers. 

We are deeply grateful for the trust you have placed in us, as it has driven our success. We want to assure you that we will continue to work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality service possible. We appreciate your continued support, and we recognize that there is still a long road ahead of us 😇.

The Team That Took us to Techstars

You may already know our founders, Nikita Gupta, COO of Careerflow, and Puneet Kohli, CEO of Careerflow. But we'd also like to introduce you to the rest of our talented team who have contributed to our journey so far.

Disha Jotwani – Social Media Manager at

Disha Jotwani, Social Media Manager.

Disha Jotwani joined Careerflow as a social media manager bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. Within a short time, she had made the jump from freelancer to full-time employee at Careerflow!

As our social media manager, Disha creates and implements our social media strategy. She works tirelessly to increase our brand awareness, engage with our community, and ensure our brand's image is consistent across all channels.

She creates and curates content, analyzes social media metrics, and collaborates with our marketing and design teams. We look forward to seeing her continue to do remarkable things as our social media manager. 

Sanuj Bansal - Founding Engineer at

Sanuj Bansal, Founding Engineer.

Introducing Sanuj Bansal, a talented full-stack developer, who is a pivotal part of the Careerflow tech team. With over 4 years of experience developing innovative products, Sanuj brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a passion for creating exceptional solutions.

Sanuj's expertise in full-stack development has enabled him to work across multiple tools at Careerflow, where he has played a critical role in brainstorming ideas, designing systems, and converting them into high-quality code. 

At Careerflow, Sanuj has been instrumental in launching our X-ray search tool, linkedIn optimization tool, and job tracker application, which received positive feedback from our users. We are proud to have him as our Founding Engineer and look forward to continuing our journey together.

Shivam Tiwari – Full Stack Developer at

Shivam Tiwari, Full-stack Developer.

Shivam Tiwari is a skilled full-stack developer who has been an essential member of Careerflow's tech team since joining. He is a coding enthusiast committed to producing exceptional web applications. Shivam has utilized the latest technologies like React, Node, Express, and Firebase to develop Careerflow tools. These tools include a job tracker application, an X-ray search tool, and a LinkedIn Optimization Chrome extension.

His technical proficiency and dedication to coding have made him a valuable and versatile asset to our team. We are honored to have him on our team. 

Vinothni Raja - Content Writer at

Vinothni Raja, LinkedIn Content Writer.

Introducing Vinothini Raja, a talented freelance content writer who recently joined Careerflow. With her excellent writing skills, Vinothini has quickly become an indispensable member of our team.

She works closely with the marketing team and creates engaging and informative content that builds brand awareness and drives traffic to our tools. Her work is informed by thorough research, resulting in informative and engaging content. 

We are excited to see what the future holds for her!

More to Come! Our Momentum is Unstoppable.

Careerflow is dedicated to helping millions of job seekers out there by reducing stress and increasing job search effectiveness. Our current suite of tools – X-ray search tool, LinkedIn optimization chrome extension, and job search tracker represent only the initial stage of our ambitious journey. But we plan to expand into all branches of job search including resume and cover letter writing and a LinkedIn summary generator. From personalized career coaching to AI-powered job matching, we're constantly exploring new possibilities to improve the job search experience. Our ultimate goal is to empower job seekers with all the tools and resources they need to land their dream job easily and efficiently.

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