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LinkedIn's search algorithm takes into account various features and settings. We've made sure to optimize your profile to rank higher in search results!

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Make your profile stand out so much that recruiters will reach out directly to you! How? You'll impress them when you appear in their search results!

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Based on industry best practices, LinkedIn's own research, and recruiters' feedback, we've made sure that your profile will help you succeed!

Features and Benefits

The LinkedIn Optimization chrome extension helps you with all of these features, benefits, and much more!

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You'll receive best practices, notes, and the "why" of each and every section of your LinkedIn profile to help you shine through the thousands of applicants to every job.

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With our personalized checklists, you'll know exactly what needs to be improved in your profile based on industry best practices.

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In a quick glance you'll know how your profile is doing, and how much work you have left to have an optimized profile

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All our suggestions are based on best practices INCLUDING understanding the algorithms behind the recruiter search features on LinkedIn. By optimizing your profile, recruiters will come to you - directly in your inbox!

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“The LinkedIn Optimization tool was really useful for me and increased my profile's search results by 2.5X in less than a week. I got recruiters from Amazon, Wise, and other companies reaching out to me already!”
Azuan Zira
Senior Staff Engineer
"What an incredible find!  I do coaching for post-high-school to senior executives and this extension wraps up every single bit of my recommendations and more. Takes all the guess work out of me asking coaching clients 'did you ...'. Tech support is awesome!  I highly recommend EVERYONE get this extension, even if you think you know what you're talking about..."
Mel Reyes
Chief Information Officer
“I have always been a bit confused about how to set up my linked in profile, but not anymore! This extension is out of this world! It even walks you through optimizing your profile! When I first got it my score was super low. I just checked it tonight and my score is a 97 out of 100!! It's amazing how good you feel when you have a tool that helps you feel confident about your content”
Jacquelyn Elder
UI/UX Product Designer
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