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Google Bard Vs ChatGPT: How to Use Them to Write a Cover Letter

Careerflow Team

When applying for a job, a well-written cover letter might improve an applicant's chances of getting an interview. Cover letters allow you to highlight essential abilities, experiences, and personal attributes that may not be apparent in a resume alone. They allow candidates to show their interest in the role, explain why they are a good fit and set themselves apart from other candidates.

Artificial intelligence (AI) breakthroughs in recent years have resulted in the development of strong writing assistants that can help speed up numerous writing tasks, including cover letter generation. ChatGPT and Google Bard have received a lot of attention among the AI-based writing aides available today. 

ChatGPT is an OpenAI tool, whereas Google Bard is a Google product. Both programs have unique features and capabilities that can help people create great cover letters.

The purpose of this blog is to do a thorough comparison of ChatGPT and Google Bard in the context of writing a cover letter. This blog provides you with insights into the pros and cons of each tool by evaluating its content quality, language and tone, customization and modification possibilities, and user experience by generating a cover letter. This comparison will help people in making an informed choice regarding which AI writing assistant best meets their cover letter writing requirements and also aid them in generating cover letters.

So Let's get started!!

Bard AI Vs ChatGPT

Pros and Cons of Using Google Bard vs ChatGPT For CoverLetter

AI systems are designed with specific tasks in mind, but it's important to acknowledge that they are not infallible. Both Bard and ChatGPT, despite their different development approaches, share both advantages and limitations when it comes to content creation:


  1. Content Generation: Both Google Bard and ChatGPT can help generate content for cover letters, provide suggestions, and help with the overall writing process.
  2. Inspiration and Ideas: It can offer creative ideas and unique perspectives to make your cover letter more compelling.
  3. Language and Grammar: It can help with language usage, grammar, and overall writing style, ensuring that your cover letter is well-written.
  4. Efficiency: It can also provide quick responses, reducing the time and effort required for brainstorming and writing.


  1. Lack of Human Touch: Both Google Bard and ChatGPT lack human intuition and empathy, which are essential for crafting a personalized and engaging cover letter.
  2. Contextual Understanding Limitations: It can maintain some context, but it may struggle with complex or nuanced prompts, leading to potentially inappropriate or irrelevant responses.
  3. Over-Reliance on AI: Relying solely on Google Bard and ChatGPT for cover letter writing may hinder your own development of writing skills and personal voice.
  4. Subjective Judgment: Cover letters often require subjective judgment and understanding of the specific job or industry. Google Bard and ChatGPT may not be able to provide accurate insights in such cases.

Note 📢: It's important to use Google Bard and ChatGPTas as tools to assist and enhance your writing process, rather than relying solely on them. Combining its capabilities with your own skills and knowledge will help you create more effective cover letters.

How to Use Google Bard and ChatGPT for Cover Letter Writing

When starting to tailor yourself for a job, it is important to have a cover letter and resume ready. Your cover letter is your chance to make a first impression on a potential employer, so it is important to tailor it to the specific job you are applying for. To make this process easier, you can use AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard. ChatGPT and Bard are both powerful AI Cover Letter generators that can help you create a cover letter and resume that is tailored to your specific needs.

However, determining which AI tool is best for you can be a time-consuming process, which is why Careerflow has you covered. Read it fully, and at the end, you will be able to choose a tool that is perfect for you and you will also know “How to Generate Cover Letter Using ChatGPT and Google Bard”.

Method 1: Generate a Cover Letter Using Your Bio

Start generating the cover letter by providing an introduction about yourself. This will assist you to personalize the cover letter by emphasizing your unique abilities and expertise.

Here are some fundamental details you should add to your bio to generate a cover letter:

  • Your Name - Provide your full name
  • Your Contact Information - Include your email address, phone number, and address (city and state are OK). 
  • Your professional experience - List the roles you've held, the companies for which you've worked, and any notable accomplishments.
  • Your Education - Include your degrees and the colleges you've attended in your education.
  • Your qualifications and talents - Emphasize those that are relevant to the position you're applying for.

Prompt: Generate a Cover Letter for the role of  [Your Role] at [ Your Company]. Explain why I am the best fit for the position using the details given below:

  • My Name: [Your Name]
  • My Contact Information: [Your Email, Phone Number, and Address]
  • My Professional Experience: [Your Experience]
  • My Education: [Educational Details]
  • My Successful Projects: [ Your Project Details]

👉 And here’s what ChatGPT generated:

Cover Letter Generated Using ChatGPT

Check out the complete conversation with ChatGPT here:

👉 And here’s what Google Bard generated:

Cover Letter Generated Using Bard

Method 2: Generate a Cover Letter Using the Job Description

The second method is to use the job description as a guide for your cover letter. This will assist you in tailoring your cover letter to the specific role you are looking for and highlighting the abilities and experience that are most relevant to the position.

To do so, thoroughly study the job description and determine the relevant skills and experience required by the company. Then, utilize this information to compose your cover letter and highlight your own relevant abilities and expertise.

Prompt: I am applying for the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name] and would like a persuasive and convincing cover letter that incorporates the job description. Keep a polite tone and keep to the word limit of 200.

This is the job description: [insert your desired job description here].

👉 And here’s what ChatGPT generated:

👉 And here’s what Google Bard generated:

Cover Letter Generated Using Job Description

An Alternative and Effective Option for Cover Letter Generation

Introducing Careerflow's revolutionary AI Cover Letter Generator: Say goodbye to copy-pasting and wasting time. With one click, create personalized cover letters for any job description on LinkedIn. No prompts, no hassle😲. Stand out effortlessly and save valuable time. Experience the future of cover letter writing now!

Curious about how it works? 

To use Careerflow’s AI Cover Letter Generator, follow these steps👇:

  1. Add the tool to the Chrome extension by clicking on the link provided.
  2. Sign in to Careerflow using your email address and password.
Careerflow’s Dashboard
  1. Click on the AI Cover Letter Generator.
  2. Provide your personal and educational information. You can either use your resume or LinkedIn profile.
Careerflow’s AI Cover Letter Generator
  1. Click "Generate".
  2. Your cover letter will be generated for a particular job description.
Cover Letter Generator Using Careerflow’s AI Cover Letter Generator

Voila✨! Your customized cover letter for a specific job description is ready to go.

Method 3: Generate a Cover Letter Using the Resume

Another option is to use your resume to generate a cover letter effortlessly. By using this method, you can skip the process of entering your details manually. Simply paste your resume, and the cover letter will be generated seamlessly with the correct prompt as below.

Prompt: Create a cover letter emphasizing my technical capabilities, leadership abilities, relevant achievements, and capacity to handle complex tasks for [Your Role] position at [Your Company]. I've also attached my resume for reference. Use relevant keywords and add any relevant expertise or training I have. Maintain a pleasant and passionate tone in the cover letter. Include how I am a good fit for the role as well, and keep it within 200 words. 

This is my resume: [Paste your resume].

👉 And here’s what ChatGPT generated:

Note 📢: ChatGPT may give different results for the same prompt. Simply select "Regenerate response" to view all available alternatives.

Use Regenerate Response to Generate More

👉 And here’s what Google Bard generated:

Cover Letter Generated Using Resume

Additional Features of Google Bard That Can Help You Generate Cover Letter

In addition to ChatGPT, Bard AI also has several features that can help you with your cover letter writing.

  1. Bard AI generates 3 responses at a time. This allows you to compare different options and choose the one that best suits your needs. If you need more options, you can simply click "Regenerate" for more responses.
Use Regenerate to generate more responses
  1. Bard AI provides the source link to the content it generates. This can help you check the source material and improve your own writing skills.
Use Source Link to Explore More
  1. Bard AI can generate related FAQs Using Google It Option. It can generate related FAQs to the content given by you. Once you click the search it will redirect you to the google webpage.
Using Google It to Check More FAQs
  1. Bard AI can export the content to Docs or Gmail. This makes it easy to send your cover letter to the recruiter or HR department. You can also make changes to the content as needed.
Additional Feature to Export The Generated Content

Overall, Bard AI is a powerful tool that can help you write better cover letters. It is easy to use and it offers a number of features that can help you improve your writing skills.

10 Prompts To Use in ChatGPT and Google Bard to Generate Cover Letter

While prior prompts were targeted to a particular method of cover letter generation using ChatGPT and Bard, we now give you streamlined prompts that make writing a cover letter a snap. These prompts do not require extensive input, allowing you to quickly construct a great cover letter that can bring the interest of potential employers. Don't wait any longer; try these suggestions today and land your dream job!

Prompt 1: Craft a personalized cover letter for an [position] at [company], incorporating relevant experiences and skills from my resume. Make it conversational and engaging.

This is my resume: [Paste your resume].

Prompt 2: Write a concise and impactful cover letter, no more than 200 words, showcasing my passion and qualifications for the [position] at [company]. Use my resume as a reference to highlight key achievements.

This is my resume: [Paste your resume].

Prompt 3: Create an attention-grabbing cover letter using the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) framework. Tailor it specifically for the [position] at [company], addressing their needs and emphasizing how I can contribute to their success.

Prompt 4: Develop a persuasive cover letter using the CAR (Challenge, Action, Result) storytelling technique. Highlight a specific challenge I faced, the actions I took, and the positive results achieved, demonstrating my suitability for the [position] at [company].

Prompt 5: Write a results-oriented cover letter, focusing on my accomplishments and quantifiable achievements that align with the requirements of the [position] at [company]. Use my resume as a guide to select the most impactful examples.

This is my resume: [Paste your resume].

Prompt 6: Compose a cover letter that showcases my transferable skills and demonstrates how I can benefit the [company] in the [position]. Incorporate specific instances where I successfully applied these skills in past roles.

Prompt 7: Craft a persuasive cover letter, highlighting my industry knowledge and understanding of the [company's] mission and values. Show enthusiasm for their products, services, or initiatives and explain how my passion aligns with their goals.

Prompt 8: Write a targeted cover letter that addresses specific job requirements mentioned in the [company's] job description. Clearly articulate how my qualifications, experiences, and achievements make me an ideal candidate for the [position].

This is the job description: [paste your target job description].

Prompt 9: Develop a unique and creative cover letter, incorporating storytelling elements to captivate the reader's attention. Share a personal anecdote or a meaningful experience that demonstrates my passion and suitability for the [position] at [company].

Prompt 10: Create a visually appealing cover letter using bullet points or a concise format, highlighting key skills, experiences, and qualifications that directly relate to the [position] at [company]. Ensure it is easy to skim and grab the attention of the hiring manager.


In the past, writing a cover letter was a time-consuming and daunting task. But with the rise of AI-powered tools, things are changing. Now, anyone can create a professional-looking cover letter in minutes, thanks to the help of AI.

Two of the most popular AI cover letter generators are ChatGPT and Google Bard. Both tools offer a variety of features to help users create personalized and engaging cover letters.

ChatGPT is known for its ability to understand the context and generate coherent responses. This makes it a great choice for users who want to create a cover letter that is tailored to a specific job description. Google Bard is known for its enhanced creativity and storytelling prowess. This makes it a great choice for users who want to create a cover letter that is unique and stands out from the crowd.

While AI cover letter generators can be a great help, it is important to remember that they are not a substitute for human creativity and personalization. The best cover letters are those that are a blend of AI assistance and human ingenuity.

So, when using an AI cover letter generator, be sure to take the time to customize your letter to reflect your unique skills and experiences. And don't forget to add a personal touch by sharing your passion for the job and your excitement about the opportunity.

With a little effort, you can use AI to create a cover letter that will help you land your dream job🤗!

Start Generating your Cover Letters using ChatGPT and Bard AI now✨!!

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